Mississippi State University
World Class
Teaching Program

The MS World-Class Teaching Program (WCTP) was established by legislation at Mississippi State University in 1996.  The program guides and supports groups of selected candidates through the year-long National Board Certification (NBC) process.  The candidates in the mentoring program meet twice a month with a National Board Certified teacher, usually on Saturdays, to discuss details about compiling the portfolio, sharing ideas, sharing drafts for feedback, and critiquing each others videotapes.  The program is based on the premise of the National Writing Project that "the best teacher of a teacher is another teacher." This mentoring process has been shown to improve teachers' chances of certifying. One reason the mentoring is so effective, is that teachers can talk with each other about directions, format, teaching ideas and receive feedback on their work.  Also, mentors provide one-to-one feedback on drafts and videotapes.  The feeling of not being alone with this arduous process is very comforting and reassuring.

In addition to the mentoring groups, the World-Class Teaching Program offers a summer preparation course for teachers interested in becoming candidates for NBC.  This is a four-day intensive study of the national teaching standards in the various certification areas.  CEU's are available for this course.

Why would a master teacher want to undergo such an arduous process?
- $6,000 annual bonus with additional salary upon completion of certification
- Reimbursement of fee if process is completed
- MS recertification for 5 years if process is completed
- Professional growth and affirmation
- Leadership opportunities while remaining in the classroom
- Certification lasts for 10 years and may be renewed.

What does the MS World-Class Teaching Program at MSU offer teachers?
- Summer CEU seminars to study national standards
- Regular meetings with peer candidates and National Board Certified teachers
- Six hours of graduate credit if process is completed (optional)