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History of World Class Teaching Program at MSU:

Of the Mississippi candidates who completed the NBPTS process from 1993 through 1996, only an estimated 9% of those candidates were successful in becoming NBPTS certified. The Dean of the College of Education at Mississippi State University (MSU), Dr. William H. Graves, proposed to the Mississippi legislature the framework for what would later become the Mississippi World Class Teacher Program. The legislature agreed to fund a pilot program which would be housed at MSU. After two years, the program was expanded to other universities based on the success of the pilot program housed at Mississippi State University. Currently, the passage rate for National Board Candidates who have participated in the MSU World Class Teaching Program is approximately 90%. Some candidates took one year, some took two years, and some took the full three years.

NBPTS Certification Personal Benefits:

  • You will receive a reimbursement of the process fee ($1,900) if you complete the process. You do not have to certify.
  • Mississippi offers a $6,000 bonus if you certify.
  • Your MS license will be recertified for five years if you complete the process. You do not have to certify.
  • Your monthly retirement benefits will increase. (Some teachers have reported as much as a $400 a month increase in their retirement pay.)
  • Professional growth and learning. Plus, a sense of accomplishment for completing this rigorous process.

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